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Corporate Update :

RCPL made its reputation as one of the leading die-casting units in India with expertise in core activities like Tool design, Tool manufacturing, Die-casting, Machining and Surface Finishing. RCPL is a major player in the High Pressure and Gravity Die-casting industry catering to highly demanding industries requiring pressure tight and porosity free castings with critical tolerances and surface finishes.

The manufacturing plant for RCPL is located in the South Indian city Coimbatore. It has machines ranging from 60T to 800T locking force with an annual melting capacity of over 6000 Tonnes in High Pressure Die Casting line and having capacity of 250 Tonnes in Gravity Die Casting line. RCPL can produce casting ranging in weight from 0.25Kg to 7.5Kg in PDC, from 50 gms to 25Kg in GDC. Complementary in-house facilities include vacuum impregnation, shot blasting, vibro-finishing and Ultrasonic Cleaning are under one roof.

Other capabilities include lines for sub-assemblies, where in we offer ready to fit modules, such as valves, control mechanism, etc., having components, milled, turned, ground, anodized, etc., made of aluminum, stainless steel, rubber, engineering polymers, etc.,

Advanced Trimming with slide cores
Trimming Tool Crib
Pressure Die-Casting Facility

RCPL has 17 Die Casting Machines Ranging from 60 Ton to 800 Ton capacity and can produce casting ranging in weight from 0.25Kg to 15Kg in PDC. Our PDC machines are equipped with Automatic alloy ladling, automatic die spraying, and robotic casting extraction.

To ensure consistent quality in the die casting process, we are using Visi–Trak® Process Monitoring Equipment and Software and Tie-Bar Strain Gages to measure the amount of strain placed on the tie bars of a die-casting Machines.

Pressure Die-Casting Shop Floor
Gravity Die-Casting Facility

The Gravity Die casting shop includes Horizontal Clamping 2 in 1 GDC Machines Tiltable Gravity Die Casting Machine and Stand-alone facilities. RCPL can produce casting ranging in from 50 gms to 25Kg in GDC.

Gravity Die Casting Pouring
Gravity Die Casting Facility
Assembly Facility
Compressor Unloader Assembli=y line
Aerospace Diaphragm Fuel Pump Assembly line