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Corporate Update :
Welcome to Roots Cast Private Ltd

Roots Cast Private Ltd (RCPL) is part of Roots Group, which was established in the year 1984, specialized in manufacturing of Aluminium / Zinc based alloy Pressure Die Casting and Gravity Die Casting components to Automotive, Aerospace, Textiles, Healthcare, White goods and other Engineering industries.

RCPL has in-house tool room, design and machining facilities. This helps RCPL to understand the customer expectations from the stage of ideation and therefore arrive at optimal solutions.

RCPL addresses a variety of highly demanding precision requirements including porosity free castings, critical tolerance and surface finishes. Other in-house facilities comprises of Industrial X-ray, Vacuum Impregnation, Ultrasonic cleaning, Shot blasting, and Vibro finishing equipment. Having a exclusive shop-floor for manufacturing “ready-to-fit” assemblies for Automotive, Aerospace applications and the assemblies are validated through complete test benches.

Castings & Assemblies

RCPL deliver the best Castings & Assemblies to our growing global clients with our commitment to quality and our integrated facilities that cater to unique needs . Our client base spans over that spans textiles, automotive components, aerospace, health-care...

Door Closers

RCPL design team is being acknowledged as the best, to design products which will Withstand for life, Roots door closers which will have a life of more than 10,00,000 cycles for optimum usage. It is easy to fix, operate and maintain. It is fit and forget solution from our design experts.