Roots Group of Companies

ROOTS Group of Companies, headed by its Chairman, Mr. K.Ramasamy & Vice Chairman, Mr. Varun Karthikeyan, is a trusted name across India and global markets offering a wide range of solutions in different Industries, including, Automotive, Engineering Components, Electric Vehicles, Furniture, Industrial Cleaning Equipment, Medical & Aerospace Components, Holistic Health, and Education.

Roots Industries India Private Limited In a country that used the automobile horn almost as much as the brake, it was a tough challenge to create durable, reliable, and good-sounding auto horns in the 1970s. RIL is an exceptionally experienced, leading manufacturer of electric and electronic horns having multi-functional capabilities like Back up Alarm and USB chargers. Roots Industries promotes its products to diverse segments, including Automobile, Aerospace and Medical, Metrology, Comfort products, BLDC motors, Corporate Training & Electric Vehicles.

RIL is the flagship of the famous Roots Group. Along with electric horns, the Company has invested resources in various products like Halogen lamps, Friction products, Batteries, Lubricants, and much more. The Company has fully functional offices in many strategic locations across the world. Today, ROOTS Horns find pride in place among the world's most trusted Automobile, Electric vehicle brands and is the eleventh largest auto horn manufacturer in the world. Captive component manufacturing arms to sustain the group's commitment to quality became imperative as market demands grew.

ROOTS Cast Private Ltd (RCPL) was established in 1984 to meet the in-house Aluminum & Zinc component requirements of ROOTS Group. Eventually, it became a separate profit center and started to cater to Automobile, Electric Vehicle, Health Care, Marine, Solar, Railways, Textile, and other General Engineering industry requirements.

RCPL made its reputation as one of the best die-casting units in India, with expertise in core activities like Tool design, Tool Manufacturing, Die-casting, Machining, and Surface Finishing. RCPL is a major player in the High Pressure, Low Pressure, and Gravity Die-casting industry, catering to highly demanding industries requiring pressure-tight and porosity-free castings with critical tolerances and surface finishes.

Roots Precision Products was established in 1987 to address the in-house tooling needs of the group and later began catering to other industry requirements. Roots tool design department has equipped with state-of-the-art CAD/CAM software. The machine shop boasts advanced CNC machines, spark EDM machines, and measuring equipment.

Roots Polycraft was established in 1988 to cater to captive and industry demands for engineering plastic injection molded components. Material processing capabilities include ABS, EVA, Nylon 6 & 66 (glass filled & unfilled), PU, PPS, and PC. Facilities include microprocessor-controlled injection molding machines ranging from 45 to 850 tons, vertical injection molding, over molding, extrusion, and ultrasonic welding equipment.

Roots Metrology started in 1994, is NABL accredited facility and has emerged as one of the industry's leading providers of dimensional measurement and calibration services, inspection, and third-party support.

Furniture manufacturing is one of the recent off-shoot of Roots. It offers an SYONA range of ergonomically designed chairs, cafeteria tables & chairs, and EZECART - well-crafted airport baggage trolleys.

Roots NAVEO with its wide range of Battery Operated Electric Vehicles for In-Campus Applications has made significant inroads into this sector and is on the cusp of extraordinary advancement and self-sustainability in this segment.

The range of Off-Road electric people and cargo movers offer multiple choices for specific customer needs for places such as Hotels & Resorts, Airports & Railway Stations, Hospitals, Temples, Farmhouses & Private Properties, Malls, Large campuses like Factories, IT parks, Defence establishments and much more.

ROOTS Multiclean Limited (RMCL) was conceived to deliver world-class mechanized cleaning solutions to the Indian manufacturing and service industry. A technical partnership with Hako, Germany, opened global market opportunities for this division. Today, RMCL is at the forefront of India's mechanized cleaning industry, besides garnering global share and spreading its wings in the USA through its subsidiary ROOTS MULTICLEAN, Inc. for manufacturing parking lot & street sweepers.

Education and health care are two essential service avenues of the ROOTS Group. Satchidananda Jyothi Niketan is a school built on traditional values espoused by Sri Swami Satchidananda.

RK Nature Cure Home was established in 1984 and functions on the principles of Naturopathy. Thousands of people from all walks of life and different parts of the world have discovered a healthier, safer way of life by following the principles and methods practiced here.

Veyr Organics is the latest off-shoot from the Roots Group. Every Veyr product comes from tried and tested formulations practiced by naturopathy healers for centuries. Veyr brings together these age-old practices, natural farming, the slow, gentle art of manual processing, and science to ensure a healthy alternative to every kind of food we consume and products we use daily.

Five decades on, the ROOTS Group continues to deliver on its promise of quality without compromise. In various ways, its technology and talent continue to add value to life for all its stakeholders across India and Global markets.